Hope, Pride & Devastation

Enough!!! I have read and heard enough of negativity in the press about Argentina’s reaction to the loss in 2014 World Cup! Argentinians have an incredible soul and the ability to celebrate life, regardless of the BRUTAL ECONOMY they are FORCED to live in! I am proud to say, that I was there last night, with thousands of locals, shoulder to shoulder – dancing, singing and CELEBRATING LIFE for many hours. Unfortunately, every country has a bunch of arrogant hoodlums, who manage to turn what was an incredibly fun celebration of country and their team, into chaos and devastation. Very sad that a small group of angry and ungrateful people have spit into the soul of thousands, who gathered around Obelisco, to celebrate life and Argentinian spirit, regardless of the loss…


The woman behind the lens …

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3 thoughts on “Hope, Pride & Devastation

  1. Lovely pictures! I’m sorry that some people act stupid, though. There are people like that everywhere, though. I try to ignore them as much as I can and look to the positive, loving people instead. 🙂

  2. Yes, Lena, this is the sad fact of life. Someone always finds the opportunity to spit on something grand just because they the opportunity to do so without all eyes on them. BUT, the nice thing is that there are not many of these people in the world and of those who are there – well, best just to get as far from them as is possible. We need the ugly and the beautiful, to appreciate one or the other. Important what is and was in your heart at the time. Thank you for the lovely pictures and reminder for all of us to always remember that the world is full others besides ourselves.!

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