Full Moon In Paris

1.elena levon photography paris france - 1

2.elena levon photography paris france - 2

3.elena levon photography paris france - 3

4.elena levon photography paris france - 4


The woman behind the lens …



29 thoughts on “Full Moon In Paris

  1. Great pictures.. I like your blog..
    I’m french Canadian…..
    I always wanted to go see “La tour eiffel” + full moon (awesome) and that pyramidal symbolism that is “Musée du Louvre”.

  2. Your sense of composition is wonderful. I’m glad you came to my blog, if only so I could have a chance to see through your eyes for a moment. Your honesty touches me. You have reminded me to be grateful for such little things as holding my husband’s hand, which I have always treasured, but now more than ever. Thank you.

      1. How wonderful for you! I thought perhaps a walk in the wee hours of the morning. Thank you for sharing these fantastic shots!

  3. magnifique… I lived in Paris for several years… Paris, la ville-lumière, will always be… Paris! 🙂
    my very best and good luck in all your endeavours, cheers! Mélanie

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