Moroccan Blues

Stay away from Riad Baraka – the worst hotel in Morocco.

When you plan your trip, don’t rely on tripadvisor for truth.

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 The woman behind the lens …

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10 thoughts on “Moroccan Blues

  1. The picture of the big blue door in the upper right— the one with the black door knocker and the black bolts… What strikes me in all that blue and black and white is the brilliant stab of bright green from the vine leaf over head. It is a lovely picture on its own, but the little leaves upgrade the whole thing to magic. THAT is what makes it a great picture. But then, you knew all this. I am just showing off that I know, too.

  2. Love your self portraits, really enjoy the blues in some of these images too. Had to smile at the response from the owner of the hotel. Besides his atrocious way of dealing with clients, his punctuation, grammar and spelling leave a lot to be desired. It’s pretty clear why his hotel is the worst in Morocco…
    PS Thanks for the follow ♥

      1. Well done so ! Congratulations. 🙂

        It’s not the sharpest image that I’ve ever seen but the felt/the sensation/the atmosphere is really great. 🙂

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