Marrakech, Je T’aime

Marrakech Sunset

2.Elena Levon Photography Morocco - 24


3.Elena Levon Photography Morocco - 26


 The woman behind the lens …

” Memories “

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8 thoughts on “Marrakech, Je T’aime

  1. I found your blog when I noticed that you Liked the Mother’s Birthday Darshan Message…..then I found your photograph above for the 13th December (my birthday) with the brilliant sunrise (or sunset?). I have had many images of the Sun coming to me these days, and the number 13 (the number of big change!), and even had a dream of the sun around the same time as your picture…..I live here in Auroville in India, connected to the Mother. So, a little synchronous Journey online for me! I love the photo and your free spirit. Best wishes as you continue your Path!

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