32 thoughts on “Alanya

  1. This I have missed completely – stunning post with the most fantastic photos – but you would never provide us with less. My pick of all those FAB photos would be #30 – with the strong green and orange – photo from Turkey. That photo is like your soul … in my eyes.

  2. Reblogged this on Rosetteismyname’s Blog and commented:

    So, no pictures. I am just a 29, 32 year old girly gal here in the year 2012. Something sat in my old spot, not my chair but! It is like get it away – (It isn’t a site to view or anything_) no pictures to take of something that likes to colder than cold – .
    I like to be something to look at – it isn’t me – but I’d prefer to pre-set before pictures are taken… Nomadics pictures – Elena Levon Photography is very good. Alanya is fantastic in a wonderful break of pictures to look at among Asia and European crafts and artistic designs. It might not just be some specific or broad renanissaince – the pictures have potential for screensavers and other computer features which go up along wall papers and so forth. A mural of all of them to gether might have been nice to look at without spacing – maybe I could attempt to take these same pictures and post them together if available from this site link…. I hope if anything – you take the chance to look at some of the pictures posted by this other blogger I came across. Peace!

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